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Linked Up: October 29, 2013

Here we are again, with a loosely curated list of 5 things you should know, read, and consider. After spending all day on Saturday with freelance editors at the Red Pencil in the Woods conference, I’m finding my attention is drawn to all things editorial: the people, the craft, and the importance in this constantly-changing landscape.

So go hug your editor (or send them a Starbucks gift card) and then dive into the wonders that the Internet has to offer:


1. Alan Rinzler’s The Book Deal 

Why it matters: Before last week, I’d never heard of Rinzler. But I’d heard of the authors he edited: Hunter Thompson, Tom Robbins, Toni Morrison, Clive Cussler, and many more. Rinzler was our keynote speaker at Red Pencil in the Woods, and he knocked it out of the park. He was smart, funny, insightful, and approachable. So I was thrilled to come home and discover that he has a blog, with articles about craft (How to Grab, Delight or Shock Your Readers Right From the Start) and business (How to Find a Hungry Agent) alike. Settle in and learn from a master.


2. How Did This Book Get Published?

Why it matters: Ever want to know what a developmental editor thinks about when they read one of the less-than-stellar books that still get published? Jamie Chavez (a favorite of publishers and authors alike) is pulling back the editing curtain on her blog, with a 6-part “editorial rant” about her reaction to a book she happened to pick up.


3. The Return of Murder, She Wrote… and the new “Jessica Fletcher” is a self-publishing mystery writer

Why it matters: Another sign that more and more, self publishing is becoming a valid and familiar option for writers. Look for more of these cultural markers in coming months.


4. 12 Years a Writer

Why It Matters: An author looks back at 12 years in the business of story creation. It’s contradictory, funny, and will be familiar to anyone who’s walked the path. I can’t pick a single favorite to share, but since we’re focusing on editing and editors this week, let’s go with this one: “Twelve years ago editors were essential. Now they are even more essential.”


5. Larry Kirschbaum to Leave Amazon 

Why it matters: Amazon does a lot of things right, and as a retailer they’re arguably the best thing that ever happened to mid-list and emerging authors. But the game of publishing, with its arcane traditions and territorial history, is proving to be something that’s difficult to conquer with big budgets and big warehouses. (Well, and then there’s that sexual assault charge…)


How about you? What did you read that’s worth sharing?


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