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The Author’s Guide to Marketing:

The Author's Guide to Marketing

Make a Plan That Attracts More Readers & Sells More Books (You May Even Enjoy It!)

Like it or not, marketing is part of every published author’s job—but it doesn’t have to make you miserable.

After almost 20 years of marketing experience as a marketing consultant, literary agent, and editor, I wanted to write a book that demystified the topic of marketing and showed hesitant writers how to find their audiences, how to build their platforms, and how to launch their books. I ended up exploring more than 50 different marketing projects, so that writers can mix and match the ideas to create their own marketing plans that will work for them and their readers.

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 WINNER: 2015 Independent Publisher’s Award for Writing/Publishing



Choosing Higher Ground: Working and Living in the Values Economy


Written with and for Michael Weisman, founder and CEO of The Values Institute.

Too many businesses today are wrapped up in the transactional economy–the place where standards are flexible and relationships last only as long as it takes to make the sale. But there is a better way.

Corporate cultures are changing, embracing a new values-driven approach to business we call the Values Economy. Choosing Higher Ground is our handbook for those who want to incorporate values into their daily workplace practices, and are finally ready to embark on the path to a greater calling.



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