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Beth Jusino was a lifesaver for me. Without her, I doubt I’d ever have my book. I brought Beth my trade journal articles and told her that I wanted to turn them into a book. I didn’t have a clue where to start, nor the energy to finish. Beth took charge and led me step-by-step through my process, which scarcely felt like work at all. I loved every suggestion, every edit, and especially the finished product. My readers seem to like it, too. Beth is easy to work with, produces excellent results, and my readers are thrilled. I couldn’t be happier.

Noel Lloyd, author of The Chiropractor’s Guide


I have been lucky enough to work with Beth Jusino as my editor and publishing consultant on three novels so far, and I feel absolutely confident in recommending her to anyone who wants to experience a completely professional, worry-free, and timely publishing process. As an editor, she has been nothing but kind, patient, and understanding, while still bringing years of experience and hard work to lift my manuscripts to the next level and beyond. I’ve learned to trust her judgment completely. When that’s done, it is a real joy to leave my books in her capable hands as a publishing project manager, knowing that the finished product will be exactly what I envision. If you are looking for an editor, or if you are searching for that person who will get your story, understand your voice, and take on the technical aspects of helping you publish with impeccable timing and attention to detail, then trust me: You do not need to look any further than Beth Jusino.

S.G.D. Singh, author of The Infernal Guard Trilogy


When my first development editor decided to change careers somewhere between book #3 and book #4 of my Danny Logan mystery series, I had to scramble to find someone who’d be willing to jump in. Fortunately, my proofreader suggested I contact Beth Jusino. Boy, did I luck out. Beth quickly got up to speed by reading all three of the earlier novels so she could become familiar with the characters and what I was trying to accomplish. Then she proceeded to really dig into #4. When she was finished, I learned more about tightening up, cleaning up, streamlining, and “punching” up a story than I had in the first three novels put together. In fact, I was so impressed that after I finished revisions, I sent the manuscript back to Beth for a whole next round of developmental edit (something I never thought I’d do). The only problem was that when we were finished with #4, I was so happy with the final version that I became a little embarrassed about my earlier work. I did the only logical thing – I hired Beth to go to book #1 and tear it apart, too. Beth kept the exact same story, but streamlined it and made it a much quicker read. Bottom line? I’m a big fan of Beth Jusino – she’s a valuable member of my team. I look forward to working with her on many projects in the future.

M.D. Grayson, author of The Danny Logan Mysteries


Beth Jusino is a rarity, a fine tuned literary tool that a writer needs to make not just the first step, but any step in the process of being a published author. Her insight, ease with a client, and abundant knowledge is a resource to be had in this business. Over 2645 miles away, I not only benefited from our first meetings via e-mails and conference calls, but look forward to sharing and gaining more as she guides me on whatever is next. She has the professional know-how that elevates an author to whatever level they wish to reach. If you have a gut instinct about working with Beth, you should listen. I’m grateful that I did.

Elle Moon, author of The Fifth Chamber and The Shadows’ Call series


What I most appreciate about Beth is her individualized approach… She didn’t rely solely on my responses to her detailed questionnaire. Beth pro-actively examined my social networks, website and blog, novel rankings and reviews. Her marketing proposal provided concrete, viable suggestions for both the short and the long range. Beth doesn’t merely throw the map at you and wish you luck on the journey.She walks alongside a client, pointing out the land mines in the field and directing a clear path. She’s smart and savvy. I intend to work with Beth in the future (I haven’t begun to scratch the surface on the plans I already have!).

Christa Allan, author of Since You’ve Been GoneThe Edge of Graceand Walking on Broken Glass


Beth is knowledgeable, efficient, talented, creative and an expert in her field. I had heard such great things about her and it was a privilege to work with her on my manuscript. She was always on time, always there when I needed her and delivered great results. She is an excellent consultant and I would highly recommend her.

Rita Schulte, author of Shattered: Finding Hope and Healing Through the Losses of Life 


Ms. Jusino really (okay, I got a message saying not to say “really”) knocked herself out, and boy oh boy, was it a lesson to me. Her cover letter was six pages long, and thoroughly professional. It was honest, forthright and — above all — helpful. I’m not going to tell you that your brother’s wife’s cousin doesn’t know how to edit. I don’t even know your brother’s wife’s cousin. I’m only going to tell you what I know empirically. [Beth] did a great job with a flawed manuscript. [She] gave me the tools and the advice I needed to revise my work successfully.

Jay Faubion, author of Friend Me 

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Beth…is a writing coach. I contacted Beth, sent her a sample of my writing, and I worked with her for nearly a year. For me, working with Beth was the single best thing I ever did for my writing. She pointed out the mistakes I was making again and again, the bad habits I’d developed, and she gave me some tips and resources to work on them.

Chris Dikes, author of The Accident: A Bike, a Truck, and a Train

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Beth Jusino is not to be messed with, an editor who won’t back down till you have the right story. Expect her to chisel your manuscript until each character finds his or her voice and best journey. Beth makes me a better writer. But perhaps what I love most about her is that Beth adds the personal touch of a follow-up phone call to iron out questions and chat about next steps.

Rajdeep Paulus, author of the Swimming Through Clouds trilogy


It was my content editor who referred me to Beth Jusino, and it was the start of a great working relationship.  Beth has walked through the publishing process with me every step of the way with skill, plenty of resources, and encouragement.  She’s not only a serious business woman, but also a patient soul. There is no doubt I’ll be engaging Beth again for the next book, now in progress!

Rayanne Sinclair, author of Steal Away, Page Turner, Flight Risk, and Beso Dulce


Beth is a consummate professional. A passionate advocate for her clients and projects, Beth is hard working, supportive and creative. She is adept at juggling multiple projects at one time—as evidenced by her excellent record of accomplishments on behalf of her clients. Being an agent required a good bit of diplomacy, a quality Beth comes by naturally. She is a skilled negotiator and… a solid addition to any team. Plus, she’s just fun to be around.

Joel Kneedler, publisher at Thomas Nelson Publishers


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