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5 Ways to Make a Writers’ Conference Work for You

I know I need an agent, but I don’t know where to find one. I don’t know how to start building an author platform…I don’t even know what a platform is! I should join or start a critique group, but I don’t know any other writers! Sound familiar? Aspiring authors and curious writing bystanders say things like this to me a lot, and my answer is always the same: Get Thee to a Writers’ Conference! Although writing a book can be a solitary, introverted activity that you can do without bothering to put on pants, publishing a book is a community activity. Writers’ conferences are the places where we network, visit, and meet the next generation of authors. There are hundreds of multi-day events for writers all over the country and around the world. They’re organized for writers in a particular region, or for a specific genre of writing. Some conferences […]

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Your Agent Is Not God (And Other Things That Should Be Obvious, But Aren’t)

It seems like all of the conversations I had with writers last week were about agents—what they do, what they don’t do, how to get one, and when to leave one. That might be because it’s conference season, and writers all across the country are pitching new agents or arranging meetings with their existing agents. Or it might be because literary agents still hold this mysterious place of power in the publishing journey. Many of the new writers I meet (and some who aren’t so new) think that agents are the silver bullet to their publishing career. They may not phrase it this way, but the attitude is that once they get an agent—any agent—to agree to represent them, then their career will be settled, and they can let someone else handle all of these business questions and go back to writing. No more pitching. No more marketing. No more empty […]

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