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Why Everyone Isn’t Going to Read Your Book

Who will read your book? When I start working with a new client, either on the marketing or the editing side, I always ask some version of this question. All too often, the answer I get is some variation of “Everyone will like my book! It will appeal to women and men, from their teens all the way to senior citizens! People who don’t even read books will want to read this one!” Sorry, wrong answer. Nothing appeals to Everyone. Even Harry Potter and the Bible have their serious fans and their detractors. In my experience, if an author hasn’t thought deeply about their readers, and they don’t have a basic understanding of who those readers are and what they like, it’s a sign that they haven’t yet really thought deeply about what happens when their book comes out, either. They haven’t shifted gears from “writer” to “ready-to-publish author.” Part of your Author job is to promote yourself […]

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