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Why Isn’t My Social Media Selling More Books?

My week is full of marketing meetings with authors. And, since this is the twenty-first century, at some point every conversation about marketing comes back to social media. We’ve all heard that authors need some kind of social media presence. But all social media is not the same, and it certainly doesn’t all get the same results. If you’re a new writer wondering why your Facebook page or Twitter feed isn’t generating the kind of attention you think it should, ask yourself a few questions: 1.       Am I being social, or am I self promoting? You’ve seen the accounts, with a long string of spammy sales messages with more exclamation points than substance. “Buy my book!” “Look, I have a book!” “Hey, my #book is for #sale—go buy it!!!!” If you are only using social media to promote your book and try to generate immediate sales, you’re missing the point, and you’re turning […]

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Will Facebook’s 2015 Changes Affect Your Author Page?

While I was on vacation last week, a post over at The Write Conversation (and then picked up by The Passive Voice) stirred up quite a buzz among some authors. A savvy client sent it to me yesterday and asked what I thought. Did I recommend that we all give up on Facebook? At first read, the news was dire. Facebook, it says, is on the brink of instituting a monthly fee that small businesses, including authors, will have to pay in order to have their content seen by their followers. No more cover reveals, no more book signing announcements, no more links to giveaways? “These changes are going to cost money—serious money,” says the blog. But wait. Read the article again. Does something seem a little…off? The blogger certainly sounds confident about what will happen to authors, but there are no links anywhere, to any other source, to back up the facts. When pushed in […]

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