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5 Ways to Make a Writers’ Conference Work for You

I know I need an agent, but I don’t know where to find one. I don’t know how to start building an author platform…I don’t even know what a platform is! I should join or start a critique group, but I don’t know any other writers! Sound familiar? Aspiring authors and curious writing bystanders say things like this to me a lot, and my answer is always the same: Get Thee to a Writers’ Conference! Although writing a book can be a solitary, introverted activity that you can do without bothering to put on pants, publishing a book is a community activity. Writers’ conferences are the places where we network, visit, and meet the next generation of authors. There are hundreds of multi-day events for writers all over the country and around the world. They’re organized for writers in a particular region, or for a specific genre of writing. Some conferences […]

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Evangeline Denmark’s Path to Publication

How long have you been trying to get published? I don’t mean how long have you dreamed about seeing your book in print. I mean really, seriously, tried to get published? Completed novels, wrote pitches, went to writing conferences? Signed with agents and waited for months to find out if a publisher would offer a contract? How many manuscripts do you have sitting in the proverbial drawer? I like to tell writers that the path to publication is a marathon, not a sprint. Your first draft of your first book is probably not going to be the one that’s ready for readers, let alone the highly-selective, often obscure publishing process. It takes time to develop the craft of writing. Time to build the network of relationships with editors and readers. And often, it takes time to find your voice. No one knows this better than my friend Evangeline Denmark. I […]

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Why Everyone Isn’t Going to Read Your Book

Who will read your book? When I start working with a new client, either on the marketing or the editing side, I always ask some version of this question. All too often, the answer I get is some variation of “Everyone will like my book! It will appeal to women and men, from their teens all the way to senior citizens! People who don’t even read books will want to read this one!” Sorry, wrong answer. Nothing appeals to Everyone. Even Harry Potter and the Bible have their serious fans and their detractors. In my experience, if an author hasn’t thought deeply about their readers, and they don’t have a basic understanding of who those readers are and what they like, it’s a sign that they haven’t yet really thought deeply about what happens when their book comes out, either. They haven’t shifted gears from “writer” to “ready-to-publish author.” Part of your Author job is to promote yourself […]

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Buyer Beware: Can You Trust Your Self-Publishing Company?

Last week, Barnes & Noble launched a new Print on Demand service to complement their Nook ebook self-publishing platform. On the surface, that should be a smart move. More self-publishing authors are looking for ways to produce both print and ebook editions. Barnes & Noble knows a lot about books. Their Nook Press platform works (relatively) smoothly. But then, if you read the fine print, things are weird. First of all, Barnes & Noble—a retailer whose primary business is selling books—does not offer their Nook Press clients retail distribution. “The NOOK Press print platform program is for you to print books for your personal use, and does not include selling those books through Barnes & Noble stores or BN.com. You may sell the books you print on your own, however.” Huh? The only reason for a writer to bother with a printing option that doesn’t include retail is if they don’t intend […]

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Should I Self Publish? 3 Questions to Ask Before You Take the Plunge

These days, the media is full of success stories from self publishing authors. NPR got in on the trend this week, interviewing Michael Bunker, who’s making a fortune self-pubbing Amish sci fi. (Seriously. Check it out.) There’s money to be made in self publishing, and plenty of voracious readers who are eager for new books. But there are also a lot of writers who are jumping off the diving board without looking into the pool. And their experiences aren’t so good. So before you take the plunge, ask these three questions:  1. If your manuscript has been rejected by multiple agents and publishers, do you know why? Sure, maybe those agents and publishers don’t know that they’re looking at genius (Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone was rejected 12 times). Maybe they’re all just scared to take a risk on an unknown name. But maybe there’s something about your work that’s not […]

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