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8 Tips for Working With Beta Readers (Editing Series, Part 2)

“The self edited author is as foolish as the self medicated patient.” – Guy Kawasaki, APE (Author, Publisher, Entrepreneur) For many writers, finding the right editor is the first real challenge they face in their journey toward publication. So far, your words have been entirely yours. But now it’s time to send those words out into the world. Are they ready? Are YOU ready? To be sure, you’ll need an editor…probably more than one. You should not be the only person who has seen your material when you start pitching or selling it. Getting good editorial feedback (and learning from it) is the most important thing you can do to make your book a success. Whether you are planning to self publish or find a literary agent and/or traditional publisher, the old cliché is true: you only have one chance to make a first impression. Don’t blow it by missing […]

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The Biggest, Baddest, Book-Killing Editorial Problems

(…and they have nothing to do with punctuation or spelling) October has been a terrible moth for blogging, because it’s been an awesome month for everything else: lots of speaking engagements, lots of interesting work with clients, lots of beautiful Seattle fall adventures on the back of a motorcycle. I love teaching at conferences, appearing on panels, and generally talking about words and books in front of rooms of people. And a couple of weeks ago, I got to be part of a panel at the stunning Write on the Sound with two friends and fellow editors: Jim Thomsen and Christy Karras. Our topic: So You Think You’re Done? An Editor’s Red Flags and Warning Signs That Your Manuscript Might Need Another Look. Christy shared her love of the nitty-gritty details of proofreading, and Jim described what it’s like to go in and change sentences at the copy/line editing level. Me? […]

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