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Working with Beth

“The self edited author is as foolish as the self medicated patient.” -Guy Kawasaki


Beth Jusino works with authors who are serious about launching or building their careers, as well as with artists and thought leaders from all backgrounds who are looking for better ways to reach their audiences and build their platforms. She brings a unique mix of word craft and business savvy, always focusing on the needs and interests of the audience.

As a consultant, Beth tailors her offerings to each client. Her services include:

Editorial Support:

Editing is an art form, blending the knowledge of good grammar and storytelling with the intuitive ability to develop an author’s voice. Beth is a developmental and substantive editor, taking the 10,000-foot view of a project and helping a writer evaluate what’s working and what needs work.

  • Book manuscripts: Developmental editing and line editing for both fiction and nonfiction
  • Pitch and marketing collateral: Reviewing book proposals and query letters to attract the right agent and publisher


Beth tells a good story and writes copy that gets to the heart of a project or program. Beth is available to write your:

  • Manuscript (ghostwriting and collaborative writing)
  • Book proposal
  • Book jacket and cover copy
  • Website copy
  • Press release

Marketing and Branding Strategy:

Marketing has a bad reputation, because too much of it is hidden behind buzzwords and one-size-fits-all answers. Beth isn’t that kind of marketer. She will never tell you to “leverage a paradigm,” but she will help dig into who you are and how you can use that to attract attention and grow your audience. She works with authors to develop strategies for:

  • Personal Branding
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Book Marketing
  • Self Publishing
  • Crowdfunding

See some of the recently published books that Beth worked on, and read what her clients say about her.

For more information about working with Beth, please use the Contact page or email her at bethjusino@gmail.com.


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